Unrivalled Customised Vector Art Services

Dream Embroidery offers vector art digital services to global clients. Our clients provide us images of their ideas and logos or convey the same, which we then turn into vector art files.

Customised Vector art has a high degree of quality, which improves its utilisation, but its most appealing feature is its ability to be expanded.

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Various Types Of Vector Art Services At Dream Embroidery

The list is quite huge when you think about the places where they are used. From Fitness bottles, and espresso cups, to stationary objects such as pens, mouse mats, note pads, folios, and office stationery, to sophisticated USB flash drives, cables, and even on tote bags, neck wallets, keychains, identification reels, ID holders, you can find amazing vector artworks.

Each one of these things is personalised using commercial printing processes, for example, silk screen printing, colour sublimation, heat transfer, or direct-to-garment, also known as DTG. Whichever engraving approach you choose, you’ll need a good, high-resolution image for your graphic logo. A low-quality image may not please the user. Every now and then, you encounter a consumer who lacks a brand mark but has fashionable opinions.

Dream Embroidery can help you grow and spread your creativity to a different level. We use cutting-edge powerful visual software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and others. Our team has been instructed to obtain the parameters first before shooting vector images to acquire a logo for embeddings. Our excelled team modify vector logo designs to spreadhead the clients’ business.

Broad Spectrum Usage Of Our Vector Arts 

Printing on a screen

The method of imprinting an image or pattern onto a horizontal plane using mesh screens, ink, and squeegees is known as screen printing. Textiles and papers are traditional surfaces for this, but with the utilisation of specialised inks, the vector art patterns may also be printed on woodwork, metals, plastics, and glassware!

Embossing Direct-to-Garment

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) print is a widespread and long-lasting form of printing that involves spraying ink directly onto garments. The pigment soaks into the fibres, keeping them clean and free of imperfections or spots that rub off over time!

Printing by sublimation

Sublimation printing is the process of transferring a pattern onto a material using specialised ink and warmth. Pixelation does not exist in vector pictures. As a result, they are the finest option.

Interactive Printing

This method prints permanent graphics on cloth with reactive dyes and steam. When the graphics are intricate, and the outlines and curves are crisper, reactive printing with vector images is excellent.

Printing directly to film

The most notable distinction between DTG and DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing is that with DTG, the design is printed directly onto the fabric, whereas in DTF, the pattern is printed on a glass slide and then coated with an adhesive to adhere it to the fabric.

Laser Etching 

Laser Engraving is the process of using lasers to engrave a pattern or picture on a solid surface such as leatherette, glass, metal, or even textile materials. Vector art is favoured in Laser Engraving to etch fine lines on smooth surfaces.

Why Choose Us?

Compelling Designs: Our vector art services are compelling, economically priced, and faster, and are suitable for printing in any size.

Unrivalled Vector Artwork: We specialize in generating exceptional vector artwork for our global clients, paying meticulous attention to detail and designing for machine-friendly execution.

Manual Tracing: The vector art designs are manually traced to ensure that the vector art services we give are flawless and up to the mark.

Artistic Exhibition: Our Vector Art services are conducted to exceed our clients’ expectations with an excellent range of Vector art Conversion services.

Quick Response: Our adherence to timely delivery and rapid turnaround time is critical to us. To ensure complete customers’ requirement fulfilment, we undertake a quality control on all Vector art services.

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